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Star Run

Star Run

Quick & Easy Games

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STAR RUN, is a science fiction role playing game that is meant to be easy to learn and fun to play. There, that's it...oh I need to say more? Well okay, here goes:

STAR RUN was written over 15 years ago, because a good Science Fiction Role Playing Game that was simple and fun could not be found. To this day, there are a lot of super complex systems that take into account whether characters picked their noses with their right, or left hand. In many, you also have to do higher math every time they get into a gun fight! Star Run continues to set itself apart, by being the game that can be learned in one read and played as soon as friends are gathered around the corn chip bowl.

It was originally intended as a 'generic' set of science fiction rules, that would work with ANY science fiction universe. However, an interstellar jungle, with a Confederation full of weird planets, soon became very popular. Characters can be human adventurers or aliens, cyborgs or mutants, heroes or rouges. The galaxy of Star Run is a place with lots of adventure possibilities...and a twisted sense of humor.

Still, STAR RUN is very flexible, and you can do any damn thing you like with it. All you need is six sided dice , a pencil, some paper, the book, and a few friends who love adventure-based science fiction. So order a pizza and call some buds over! Tonight the galaxy is to be conquered with a laser pistol and some guts! Are you going to let those Azhinti Punks kick your butt? I don't think so!

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