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Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log 49

Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log 49

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Ma'am, there are entire encyclopedias dedicated to the Andromedan War. Is there something shorter I can read to fill me in?

Another in our best-selling series, including "A Brief History of the Andromedan War." This issue is full of material for your games!

  • Star Fleet Battles: 16 ships, 6 scenarios, 17 battle groups, and more.
  • Federation Commander: 4 new ships, fleet repair dock rules, 5 new scenarios, and more.
  • Starmada: The Vudar with rules and four ships.
  • Star Fleet Marines: A new scenario for four players.
  • A Call to Arms Star Fleet: The Juggernaut, tactics, and a list of the changes in revision 1.2.
  • Federation & Empire: A new scenario, Q&A, and new ships.
  • More: Paravians for Star Fleet Battle Force, Input Guide, including how to write for the Star Fleet Universe, research for Galactic Conquest, survey of planet Adanerg, and much more.

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