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Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log 29

Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log 29

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Gorn commandoes destory Romulan Warp Labs. The Romulan Imperial Line. Five Scenarios (one Omega, two Early Years) 16 SSDs (four anarchist, six mini-tugs, six tholian DNs) Battle Group: Assault on the Holdfast. Omega Sector Friends and Enemies. Fighters of Cygnus. Deck plans of the Federation Express. ISC for Battle Force. Brothers of the Anarchist: Hydran vs Lyran Two Victory at Origins articles by Tom Carroll. F&E rules for megafighters, marine generals, forward defense units, Federation Express, more. Usual features (After Action, Command the Future, 10 questions, tournament reports, Input guide, Ask Growler, Awards, Miniatures releases, Warlord, SFBOL, PBEM, Conquest, Term Papers, TacNotes, etc.) 

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