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Star Fleet Battles: Module C1 - New Worlds I

Star Fleet Battles: Module C1 - New Worlds I

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £16.99

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New Worlds I: Expansion module for SFB, adds foes and allies on the far side of the Klingon frontier! Lyrans are cunning allies for the Empire of Steel, and relentless foes of the Kzintis, The Hydran Kingdom, once subjugated to the Klingon and Lyran Empires is resurgant behind their waves of gatling phaser armed fighters and hellbores! Meanwhile, the WYN cluster provides an enclave of intrigue and adventure, defended by hastily armed freighters behind a wall of radiation!

This module brings new tactics, new ships and new technology to Star Fleet Battles (Expanding Spheres, Fusion Beams, Hellbores, Stinger Fighters).

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