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Spielbox 2016 #4

Spielbox 2016 #4


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CONTENTS add-ons: A complete Adventure including new cards for Aventuria - The Adventure Card Game A new tile for Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition

REVIEW Fek Bob Will REmain Fek Bob: Kerflip!, Speed Dice, Krazy Wordz One Backup Plan Is Not Enough: West of Africa Building Monuments With Pinpoint Precision: Imhotep Tastes Best When Pure: Kuhhandel - Das Brettspiel For Spatial Economists: Quadropolis Trying Hard: Ice Cult Noah Takes Pairs Only: Animals on Board Much Ado About ...: Historio Don't Expecet Analysis Paralysis: Dream Island Settling Underneath the Turf: Above and Below Literally Becoming Rich: Letter Tycoon Tiles and Teleporters: Andromeda Roll With the Law Cards as They Come: Viceroy Frustration Tolerance Required: Warhammer Quest - The Adventure Card Game Stylish but More a Molehill: Yeti

TO BE CONTINUED Roll f�r the Galaxy: Ambition

CURRENT Society Supersedes the Model Family: Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres

PORTRAIT Imaginative Mathematician: Hartmut Kommerell

PURE JOY OF THINKING Fighting Cubes: Dice as playing pieces

EVERGEEN Schadenfreude in a Box: Alles im Eimer

REGULARS Boxed in: My Tur: Packaging of Games Oldie: Cashword

REPORT Essen It Aint: UK Games Expo 2016 From Living Room to Living Room: Japon Brand

FOR KIDS Sleepe Castle Mein Schatz Harry Hopper Time's Up! Kids Der magische Zwergenwadl

AT A GLANCE Fool's Gold Cool am Pool Die fiesen 7

Appropos: The Game Tweacks and Variations: Kerflip / Dreams Island / Medieval Academy

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