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Gale Force 9

  • £28.99

Boardgame for 3-4 players, ages 17+, playing time around 150 minutes.

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery is an exciting board game of twisted schemes and bloody combats inspired by the hit STARZ Original series. In the game you are the Dominus, leading a rising House in the ancient Roman city of Capua, competing for Influence to gain the favor of Rome. Through a combination of political schemes and glorious battles on the arena sands your House will rise or fall in fame and stature.

As Dominus, you have a variety of resources at your disposal. Your growing Influence allows you to hatch devious plots against competing Houses, but some of the most cunning intrigues may require the cooperation or coercion of a bitter rival. From your treasury you pay to upkeep your ludus, purchase new servants at market or fill the purse of another Dominus when bribes are required. The servants of your House are at your beck and call. Guards may protect you from schemes launched by your rivals. Slaves run your household and earn gold for your treasury. Gladiators compete in the arena, bringing glory to themselves and influence to their Dominus.

Power and Influence are fleeting, just when you think you have deceived your rivals and bled Capua dry, the schemes of your foes could topple your House and crush your ambitions. Do you have the wits, the cunning and the power of your gladiators to write your own legend in Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery?

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