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Solar System: The World of Near - reduced price*

Solar System: The World of Near - reduced price*

Arkenstone Publishing

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Softcover Solar System Setting

Includes a copy of the Solar System rules.
It has been 300 years since the Skyfire hit the planet. Nine in ten people died, unimaginable devastation wracked the world. Now a new Moon rises to greet the world, but it is far from certain whether it's dawn we see, or a final twilight of a world too hurt to go on. That fate is in the hands of the players, whose characters rise to great challenges and, by their actions, choose whether the new world is to become a hell of slavery unimaginable to the civilized Antiquity, or a new chance at freedom unconstrained by the imperial shadows of yesterday.

The World of Near is a setting source book for the well-loved Shadow of Yesterday (TSoY), replacing the original book as a setting reference. It has been written to accompany the Solar System, rules-set derived from the original TSoY. Each purchase of the book is accompanied by the Solar System rules booklet, making for a complete, updated game.

The Shadow of Yesterday is the best fantasy adventure game out there for meaningful, glorious adventure in a world that says:

No Gods: whatever mistakes our characters make, they are theirs alone.
No Monsters: whatever problems our characters face, they cannot be solved by simple violence.
Only People: whatever good or evil stalks the land, it is always a person doing it, and people who have to deal with it.

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