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David Westnedge

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Rules: Place the letters face down on a table. Take it in turns to turn pieces until a word of 3 or more letters can be made. If you see and say it first, put it in front of you. 

BEWARE. From now game has two sides: words are made from the middle or existing ones are snatched and changed by one letter. Thus your CAT may become his CART which could be her TRACK seconds later. Let battle commence!

Dazzling reviews in the following:
Evening Standard 
Country Life 
The Times 
Wish Magazine
Daily Mail Weekend
Real Magazine
Time Out-Kids Out
E.S. Magazine 
TNT Midweek
Telegraph Magazine
Games Gazette
Tatler Magazine
Daily Telegraph (Books Section)
Sunday Express Magazine
1. Vicky of Universal Games "Fantastic family game, suitable for all ages, brings out the fighting spirit especially those over 80!!"
2. Gelda of Real Games Company
"Easy to post as a present, suitable for all the family, our No. 1 best selling game".
3. June Riddlestone of Winch and Blatch (AIS) "David Westnedge Games are brilliant expecially Snatch. One customer purchased 3 copies!!"

'Snatch' Review by Ben Rainbird, The Actor

Snatch is an unusual, extremely straightforward and very portable & popular word game. The entire game comprises 100 letter tiles, packaged in a sturdy plastic tube with the rules printed down one side. Learning and remembering the rules is simplicity itself;

The aim of the game is to score points by making words from the tiles, which at the beginning of the game are all placed face down on any reasonably-sized playing surface you might have. Two or more players then take it in turns to flip over the tiles and reveal letters. As soon as a player sees that they can make a word from the overturned tiles, they call out the word and assemble it in front of themselves, scoring one point for the first three letters of the word, and one point for each subsequent letter. However, other players can ‘Snatch’ words away from you by adding more letters and rearranging them to spell out new words. Apart from flipping over the tiles, players don't take turns, and so you must be quick at finding words, to avoid being beaten to the punch by your competitors or having your words stolen. Once all the tiles are flipped, the game ends and the scores are worked out to find the winner.

I found that after a few games, Snatch quickly becomes second nature and gets very fast and competitive, and the way you score means you don’t have to pause the action to reach for a sheet of paper - all the points are totalled up at the end, so there’s no faffing around writing down your points while the other players liberally steal your letters! 

Once you’ve remembered all of Snatch’s ins and outs, which is a simple matter of a few minutes’ play, you could confidently leave the tube at home and carry it around in your pocket. As it can be played on any horizontal surface (there’s no board to carry around) and there’s no upper limit to the number of participants, Snatch is absolutely ideal as a family activity, especially for picnics or holidays. You really can play it anywhere, whether it’s on the dining table, at the beach or at the bottom of the sea... although on reflection I’m not sure whether the tiles are waterproof.

I really enjoyed Snatch and it’s the ease of play and portability that leads me to believe this game might just end up being regarded as a classic. Snatch is quite simply good, old-fashioned, uncomplicated fun. It’s a game for anyone who’s averse to reading a hundred-page rulebook before being able to play, a game for anyone who’s ever wanted to steal their opponent’s tiles during a heated game of Scrabble, a game for... well, anyone really.

Warning: Choking Hazard- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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