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Simple Superheroes Issue #0 - reduced price*

Simple Superheroes Issue #0 - reduced price*

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Simple Superheroes ISSUE #0

ISSUE #0 is the start to all the Simple Superheroes "Issues" you and your friends will tell. It gives you all the tools you need to build unique characters, interesting stories, and compelling Universes. It contains all the guidance you need to run entertaining, intriguing and immersive game sessions.

ISSUE #0's name has a double meaning. There will also be future ISSUEs that expand on what is contained in ISSUE #0. These will primarily be scenario, setting and adventures, published quarterly in comicbook format.

Simple Superheroes Design Philosophy

A supers RPG should enable a vast array of character powers and tropes. Moreover it must be robust enough to handle a huge diversity of powes and actions. To allow the greatest amount of creativity and fun, a simple central framework has been created around which the players and Game Masters create their own suite of powers and talents. This system relies heavily on what all RPGs should, trust between GM and players.

  • Any Power you can Imagine, defined as you imagine.
  • Simple Guidelines that Unleash your Creativity.
  • Limitations to keep your Characters interesting.
  • Relations and Values to Motivate your Character.

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