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Short Order Heroes

Short Order Heroes

Calico House

  • £14.99

Short Order Heroes delivers fast, fun, rules-light roleplaying! Equipped with these 108 cards loaded with descriptive words and evocative, all-original art, a group of players can create characters in seconds and dive right into the game. Lightning-fast challenge resolution keeps the story moving. What happens when a Charming hero matches wits with a Brutal villain? It's in the cards!

Rules are included for a complete roleplaying system, and for ways to use Short Order Heroes to add color and flair to any roleplaying game. With the rules provided, the cards integrate flawlessly with Fate' system games. As a stand-alone game or a role-playing aid, Short Order Heroes is a great addition to every RPG player's toolkit.

For 2-8 players. A complete adventure can be played in approximately two hours.

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