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Shadows of Esteren Dark Romanticism Artbook - reduced

Shadows of Esteren Dark Romanticism Artbook - reduced


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Dark romanticism, beauty and death. Travel the Esteren territories.

Immerse yourself in the Shadows like never before. This visual journey will take you all over the Tri-Kazel peninsula and beyond.

This 12-page excerpt gives you a taste of what this book will be like.

Dark Romanticism is expected to clock in at 200 pages, spanning a selection of our best illustrations, as well as new artworks, along with game design notes and narrative pieces. It is a journey through the awe-inspiring, deadly lands of Tri-Kazel, featuring many creations by Gawain, Chris, Nicolas Jamme, and Chane! We are honored to have Yoann Lossel as a special guest.

This artbook will be organized in 8 themes, providing material to illustrate your role-playing sessions:


► Demorthèn: Spiritual guides, sacred druids, heirs to the Osag culture, Demorthèn embody the connection between the world of men and that of the spirits.

► Magience: Holders of a science from the faraway Continent, Magientists have the ability to change the world—for better or for worse. They are the ideological adversaries of both the Demorthèn and followers of the Temple, and follow a rational, humanist credo.

► Temple: Soustraine’s faith brought major changes to Tri-Kazelian culture. A source of hope for some, a danger in the eyes of others, the Temple has quickly grown into one of the major factions of the peninsula.

► Occultism: Investigators of the supernatural, mediums, and sorcerers wielding forbidden powers, occultists must usually live in anonymity and remain on the move to avoid persecutions.

► Landscapes: The peninsula of Tri-Kazel abounds in grandiose, wild landscapes. They are the untamed soul of this windswept land.

► Lifestyles: Illustrations of Tri-Kazelian civilization and its ways of life.

► Figures: Esteren brings the human condition to the forefront, the struggle of men and women to achieve their goals in the face of adversity and tragedy. This section is dedicated to them, depicting figures of Tri-Kazel.

► Feondas and Creatures: In the depths of forests, at the bottom of lakes and rivers, creatures lurk—deadly beauties haunting Tri-Kazelian folklore. The focus of this chapter is Feondas, including many new illustrations.

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