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RuneQuest 6: The Book of Quests + complimentary PDF

RuneQuest 6: The Book of Quests + complimentary PDF


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This book comes with a free PDF version courtesy of the publisher in conjunction with the "Bits 'n' Mortar" scheme. A link from which the PDF can be downloaded will be emailed to the address you enter at the checkout once we have confirmed payment, which will normally be within 2 working days* of receipt of orders for products that are currently in stock. (*not including Sundays or UK national holidays)Seven Scenarios Against the Sorcerer

Book of Quests presents seven, loosely-linked adventures for RuneQuest 6th edition.

The sorcerer Jedakiah is intent on dominating the peaceful land known as The Realm. In his bid for power he plans to resurrect the long-dead Chaos Mother, a goddess of terrible power and aspect, and will stop at nothing to bring his schemes to fruition. The characters must act to stop him, travelling the length and breadth of The Realm, uncovering his plans, thwarting his agents and eventually mounting an assault on his lair.

The characters can expect to face all manner of peril: murderous beast-men of Chaos; the shady Ophidians; the primitive, yet ambitious, Batrachians; demons, monsters and spirits. Can they act quickly enough? Can Jedakiah be stopped before the Chaos Mother is returned to the world? Discover if they can through these seven scenarios, ranging from a seemingly routine caravan trek, through to the devious machinations of high court politics.

Book of Quests is a complete scenario pack, and playable either as an extended campaign or as one-off scenarios for Games Masters' own settings.

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