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RISK GodStorm

RISK GodStorm


  • £39.99

RISK variant, players 2-5, ages 10+

Risk Godstorm offers players the opportunity to pit men and gods against each other in a war of shifting alliances and magical powers. Risk Godstorm features exciting game play while evoking the mystery and lure of the ancient world. A game of Risk Godstorm begins with soldiers and elephants representing a range of eastern and western mythologies: Norse, Greek, Celtic, Egyptian and Babylonian. Players can also use four gods - Magic, Death, Sky and War, each of which wield supernatural forces that can help in this game of earthly domination. Richly detailed game pieces, including miracle cards, faith tokens, territory cards and temples help guide game play. The not-yet-lost continent of Atlantis offers a special strategic opportunity, as the continent and all its occupying forces can be wiped out with the draw of a single card.

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