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QUERP: Green Skins

QUERP: Green Skins

Greywood Publishing

  • £12.50

Supplement for QUERP, from Greywood Publishing

Take your QUERP game to a new world, a world of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls. Except this time, YOU are the Goblin. Take your lowly Greenskin character from his corner of the Dungeon and who know what he may become.

This volume contains rules for 6 Greenskin races, new professions, new monsters and new spells. There are descriptions of Greenskin society and even a whole setting complete with maps, history and Gazeteer. Ideal for campaigns from a Greenskin point of view or for ideas to enhance your normal QUERP game.

This supplement requires a copy of the QUERP Rulebook to use.

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