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QUERP: Gamesmaster's Companion - reduced price*

QUERP: Gamesmaster's Companion - reduced price*

Greywood Publishing

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Supplement for QUERP, from Greywood Publishing.

Welcome to QUERP: The Gamemaster's Guide. This tome is the fifth book
in the QUERP series and is part of core rule books along with: The Second
Edition Rule Book, The Player's Companion and The Bestiary.

This book has been written to introduce new Gamesmasters to QUERP but
could be adapted to introduce a budding Gamesmaster to any game system.

Within these pages you will find:

' Creating a Game World
' Creating and Adventure (both campaign and single session)
' City Generator
' New Monsters
' The Complete list of Spells
' Magic Items
' Realms of the Ice Giants: pt 1 of an adventure



Being a Gamesmaster is a difficult, but ultimately rewarding, task. Your gaming group is expecting YOU to create a scenario for them to send their newly created character in to. They are expecting YOU to have all the relevant game materials, dice, maps, figures and floor plans at your finger tips to enable the game session to run smoothly and they are expecting YOU to know the adventure inside out and make the game session atmospheric and fun. If this doesn't sound like you then close this book now and pick up the Player's Companion instead. For me, there is no greater reward than hearing your players say, 'what a great game tonight. We cannot wait for the next one'. Personally, I would be a Gamesmaster every time.


The first and most important rule of being a Gamesmaster is that this is NOT a game of you verses the players. You are not there to kill everyone, you are not there to stop the players completing the quest and you are not there to punish players who continually roll great dice scores (however tempting that may be). Your job as a Gamesmaster is to be a versatile story teller (I say versatile because at some point your players will do something in the game that is unexpected and not part of your adventure). Enjoy watching the characters overcome a difficult monster, trap or obstacle. Don't secretly think to yourself' I will get them next time and scribble an additional 4 dragons to the next encounter. Listen to your players while they are trying to unravel your plot. They may well be barking up the wrong tree, but what they are saying may very well make a great addition to your adventure or campaign.

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