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QUERP: Bestiary - reduced price*

QUERP: Bestiary - reduced price*

Greywood Publishing

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Supplement for QUERP, from Greywood Publishing.

This Bestiary is the first supplement for QUERP - The game of Quick Easy Role Playing - this tome contains nearly 100 monsters and enemies that vicious and devious Gamesmasters can use to distract and attack their players. Ranging from low power to extremely dangerous, the QUERP Bestiary provides monsters for every occasion, every environment and every group of characters.

The QUERP Bestiary is NOT a stand-alone product and requires a copy of the QUERP Rulebook to use.

Creature extract from the Bestiary:


Sometimes referred to as the Warriors of Heaven, angels are divine beings in the service of the gods of good. They only rarely appear upon the world, and only in times of the greatest need. Some priests and other spiritual men and women can occasionally summon an angel to their bidding, but this happens very rarely and is only accomplished by the most devout students of the faith.

Angels appear as pale or golden skinned humans. They are very beautiful beings and radiate an aura of holy light. A set of feathery wings, usually white or golden, grow from their backs, allowing them to glide with race through the skies. When they enter battle, they wield swords imbued with holy power.

Stats: Fighting 9, Defence 17, Health 95, Damage 2-12 (2 dice)

Special Rules: The holy blade of an angel causes great damage to undead creatures and demons. An undead creature or demon hit by an angel's sword suffers double damage.

Summon Angel (Difficulty 20): Priests can learn this spell by spending 1 experience point. Successfully casting it allows the Priest to summon one angel to do his bidding for five minutes of game time. If the summons happens for an unworthy reason, the angel will turn on the summoner.

Typical Native Climate: Angels are not usually found on the Ancient
World. When they are, it could be anywhere.
Encounter Numbers: 1-3 (1 dice divided by 2)
Treasure: Sparse
Creature Type: Monster
Threat Level: Extreme

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