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Play Me

Play Me

Cool Mini Or Not

  • £23.99

Cool Mini Or NotFor 2-6 players, ages 8+, playing time around 10 minutes.

Each player will take on the role of one of the characters in Wonderland. The character cards start face up on the colorful Wonder side. When their Wonder side is showing, the players will be helped along with a special ability that aids them in their goals, like the Cheshire Cat, who can't be blocked by other players or The Walrus, who can force another player to take back their last played die. Once a player has won a round, their character card gets flipped over to the Madness side. Now the ability is negative and will slow down your progress. Players will have to overcome the odds if they want to win.
The Jabberwocky will make an appearance if all the players have succumbed to madness. The rules of the game are completely flipped on their head, and it becomes an everybody against one game. Will the team be able to defeat the Jabberwocky or will one of them betray the rest and go for a solo victory? People do funny things when they go mad.
There are a number of different challenges and optional rules to the game. The roll of the dice is never predictable and that will keep players on their toes every time they decide to Play Me!

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