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Pathfinder Companion: Faiths of Balance - reduced price*

Pathfinder Companion: Faiths of Balance - reduced price*


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For Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo.

We've explored the beliefs of the good guys in Golarion with Faiths of Purity, now it's take a more neutral look at life and beyond with Faiths of Balance!

This book takes a look at gods whose purview is the life and breath of the world'Gozreh, Nethys, Pharasma, and the Green Faith'but also at deities who have a great influence on people of Golarion. The faiths of Abadar, Calistria, Gorum, and Irori are explained in further detail for players who wish to dive into our world of Golarion. A vengeful whip-wielding follower of Calistria can learn more about her goddess within these pages, as can the perfection-seeking monk of Irori, Master of Masters, or the gentle Pharasmin midwife who is all too familiar with life and death. Minor deities, such as Besmara the Pirate Queen, Brigh, Hanspur, and the fey lords known as the Eldest are also detailed in Faiths of Balance!

There are plenty of mechanical options for players looking to flesh out their characters as well! New traits for the faithful, organizations to join, new feats and spells'everything a player could want for their character! In addition, we have new channel foci, an item we first introduced in Adventurer's Armory, which allows worshipers to activate special abilities when using channel energy, but we have one more thing awaiting followers of the Master of the First Vault. Paladins of Abadar are rare, but if you want to follow in Howell B. Talbot III's footsteps, we've included the Abadaran paladin code in this book!

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