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Panzerschreck Anthology

Panzerschreck Anthology

Minden Games

  • £12.99

by Minden Games

A brand new Panzerschreck release is now available! The Panzerschreck Anthology is a 76-page, digest sized issue containing classic and new articles and games. Part retrospective, part 'best of', part classic, and part new, it's great to have a new Panzerschreck product available! Order your copy today!

Fifteen issues of Panzerschreck have been published to date since issue #1 hit the stands in the Summer of 1998. The Panzerschreck Anthology gathers together in one magazine some of the best articles from the past, as well as plenty of gaming fun. In addition, some new articles, and a brand new game, have been included as well. Something from each issue (whether article, game, or both) is included in the Anthology.

We envision the Anthology appealing to different groups of people. Some wargamers may have heard of Panzerschreck, but never took the plunge and ordered a copy. The present work is a great way for this group to get a taste for what the magazine is all about... and enjoy some great gaming along the way. Secondly, there will be those who have some, but not all published issues of the magazine. The Anthology will provide an opportunity for them to get choice items from the past to help fill in the gap. Finally, for you Panzerschreckers who own everything Minden has published, we've included enough classic articles and games, plus some new material and a new game (not to mention the handy new format), to provide inducement for you to add this to your collection as well. The goal is to spread the fun as widely as possible, and we hope that the Anthology has done the trick.

(# indicates issue in which the article or game originally appeared, author's name in parentheses; 'new' means it has not previously been published... the Anthology is edited by Gary Graber)

Opening Rounds (**new**)
Prescriptive Insanity (Werbaneth, #6)
New Variant Counters for Berchtesgaden (Lankford, #5)
Solitaire Origins of World War II (Graber, #1)
Mix and Match Down in Flames (Meldrum, #9)
Interview with Richard Berg: Part II (**new**)
SNIPER ATTACK (game from #10) issue game
Charles S Roberts Interview (Lupinacci, #14)
Taking a Look at Mini-Games (Graber, #3)
I Want to Rule the World (Simpson, #15)
Battledice: A Combat Variant for DGA's Battlecards (O'Connor, #13)
Solitaire Wargaming Theory and Retro's Expanded Mission (Driscoll, #13)
Interview with Charles Vasey (Graber, #8)
Panzerschreck Index (**new**)
Tabletop Action with Graf Spee (Smith, #14)
Nuremberg: Trial of the Century Player's Notes (Graber, #2)
The Curmudgeon Strikes! (Phillies, #7)
Kursk in Reverse (Meldrum, #12)
MASADA (game from #12) issue game
Dana Lombardy: Veteran Designer Interview (**new**)
Seven Seas to Victory: Solitaire and Variant Rules (Rohrbaugh, #6)
Short Takes: Dieppe (Meldrum, #11), Togoland 1914 (Haig, #9), Naval War
(Shatner/Graber, #4), Great War at Sea (Graber, #9), A Mighty Fortress
(Graber, #2), 1914 (Graber, #3), Iwo Jima (Meldrum, #7)
MADAGASCAR 1942 (**new**) issue game
Summary of Games Appearing in Panzerschreck (**new**)

Inserts: Madagascar 1942 map; Masada map; Sniper Attack Reference Card;
uncut color card counter sheet (counters to Madagascar, Masada, and
upgraded ship counters for Graf Spee); plus Minden's Salvo! battleship game (on request)

The new MADAGASCAR game is a solitaire hexagon wargame designed by Gary Graber, editor of Panzerschreck magazine. The game simulates the British (the player) invasion of northern Madagascar in May, 1942 against its Vichy French defenders. Scale of the game is 12-hour turns, 3 mile hexes, battalion level.

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