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Panzer Grenadier: Alaska's War

Panzer Grenadier: Alaska's War

Avalanche Press

  • £5.99

Panzer Grenaider Supplement by Avalanche Press
In June 1942, Japanese troops landed in the western Aleutian Islands of Alaska, the only large-scale foreign invasion of American soil since 1815. In May 1943 the Americans invaded Attu Island, sending 15,000 troops against about 2,500 Japanese defenders. The Japanese fought with suicidal determination: 28 fell into American hands as prisoners with the remainder killed in action.
wo months later the Americans launched an even larger invasion of nearby Kiska Island, only to find that the Japanese had evacuated three weeks before and the Americans captured an uninhabited island.
Alsaka's War is a supplement based on the Japan's lone invasion of the Western Hemisphere and the American response.
There are ten scenarios, or separate game situations, based on battles that took place in the Aleutian Islands. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of our Battle of the Bulge, Guadalcanal, Afrika Korps and Desert Rats games. Each scenario has its own card in a spiral-bound booklet, just like the popular North Wind and Edelweiss.

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