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Panzer Digest 13 (Winter 2016)

Panzer Digest 13 (Winter 2016)

Minden Games

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Panzer Digest #13 (Winter 2016) is a 44-page magazine that contains articles, reviews and two issue games.

Combat Leader: Winter War covers the 1939-40 Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union. While it functions within the Combat Leader game series, it is also a complete, stand alone game. In includes everything you need to play scenarios involving these two nationalities. (If you are not familiar with this game series, click on the picture to the left and visit the Combat Leader page.) Special rules cover Snow conditions, as well as special characteristics of Finnish soldiers, and their unique squad compositions. Maps 7 and 8 depict heavily wooded, rural areas. Comes with 13 pages of rules, Finnish (set G) and Russian (set H) soldier counter sheets, a double-sided map, and Reference Card.

Stringbag is a solitaire module in the Battle over Britain game series. It is a strategy card game (you must supply regular deck of playing cards) where the player flies a single Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber against Italian warships in Taranto harbor, December, 1940. Play is quick, but filled with decisions. See if you can match the British success by playing a series of games. Includes rules, game tables, counter sheet, and Reference Card. An extra scenario pits the Swordfish against another target: the Bismarck, in May 1941. �Stringbag� was the affectionate British nickname for the Swordfish, and you will be all set to recreate the bombers' most famous actions in this module. Designed by Gary Graber. You must own the core rules of Battle over Britain to play this module.

This edition's magazine also includes articles and game reviews. Under the able editorial leadership of LTC Robert Smith, we are treated to pertinent and entertaining reviews of more than a handful of current releases: 2WW (One Small Step), Islands of the Damned (Against the Odds), Scotland Rising (Worthington), Wing Leader (GMT), Wallachia 20 (Victory Point), Tank on Tank East Front (Lock 'n' Load), Night Raiders (Sabrestorm), US Civil War (GMT), Ultra-Quick College Hoops (Downey), Fall of Berlin (One Small Step), Allenby's Blitzkrieg (Schutze), Master and Commander (White Dog), and Huzzah (One Small Step).

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