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Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition Starter Kit

Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition Starter Kit

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The world is overrun with undead. Humanity has turned on one another as society collapses. You are one of those lucky few survivors... you have many choices ahead.

Will you be a vicious vigilante, plundering and doing whatever it takes to survive? Or will you do your best to preserve civilization, even at the cost of your own life?

Take control of your future! Fight the undead and protect what is yours! But before that, make sure you have a plan.

In this book you will find...

' The basics of gameplay for both players and gamemasters

' A list of dangerous opponents, including: The Undead, Beasts and The Living and upgrade options for each

' A catalog of useful equipment for characters to find and use

' Character creation, including creating yourself as a character using the exculsive S.P.E.W. - A.I.

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