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Oligarchy: A Dystopian card game - reduced price*

Entropic Games

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Oligarchy is a card game based in a dystopian near future. You play the role of a powerful Oligarch. Cunningly use the resources, items, and personnel at your disposal to crush your opposition! Set your allegiance to one or more of the 8 powerful factions and feel the reality of power struggles, hideous comebacks, desperation moves and GLORIOUS VICTORY!

The world of Oligarchy is tough and brutal, with many different card types including, characters, scenarios, incidents, items, professions, and resources; the combo possibilities are almost endless!

Construct your decks from 8 available factions. Cards are played by amassing Affluence and Influence points which you track on spinners and spend to deploy your cards to crush your opposition.

Will you be the lone survivor or a footnote in history? Let the games begin!

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