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Nobis: The City-States Player's Guide - reduced

Nobis: The City-States Player's Guide - reduced

Pantheon Press

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Nobis is a fantasy campaign setting for use with version 3.5 of the world's most popular role-playing game and other OGL products.

Nobis allows you to step into a world unlike any other. The Player's Guide gives you the tools you need to survive in the City-States region.

  • The sprawling city of The Gates creates a unique and exciting role-playing environment.
  • Simplecraft gives all players a revolutionary source of arcane power.
  • The Fencing Discipline pioneers a class-neutral combat style, providing an all new twist on classic roles.
  • The Reputation System rewards both quality role-playing and great deeds. This system finally allows a character's reputation to directly impact game play.
  • The innovative firearms system seamlessly integrates black powder technology with high fantasy.
  • The mongrel playable race gives you more options than ever and provides several unique avenues for character development.

The City-States region teems with adventure, danger and political strife. Noble freedom fighters, secretive underworld powers and scheming politicians threaten to tear the world apart. Will you fight for the cause of freedom or will you choose the path of tyranny?

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