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Nina & Pinta - Reduced Price*

Nina & Pinta - Reduced Price*

Ragnar Brothers

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Ragnar BrothersFor 1-4 Players, Ages 14+, Playing Time Around 90 Minutes

Quantum physics tells us "the ability of quantum particles to occupy two states seemingly at once could be explained by both states co-existing in different universes". So when you wave goodbye to your ship in your universe, someone else waves goodbye to their ship in a different parallel universe. But what would happen if these neighbouring universes, separated by the thinnest, gossamer barrier should somehow be breached and my ship sails into your world and searches for gold in competition to your ship? Play the game and find out ...

This is a game of exploration of the New World where the great nations of Spain, England, France and Portugal send ships out to map the unknown and to bring home wealth to the Old World. This is a game where those ships will cross the divide and where no love is lost between Captains no matter which world it is! Explore, settle, fight if need be, and help your nation develop its Culture, Science, Religion and War-craft, to be the best in all worlds!

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