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New Gods of Mankind: New Gods Handbook - reduced price*

New Gods of Mankind: New Gods Handbook - reduced price*

Dark Skull Studios

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Core Rulebook by Dark Skull Studios.

Live the Myth. Become the Legend. Be a God. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a God? To soar above the plane of mortals to palaces built from dreams? To part the oceans and turn water into wine? To be a guiding light to your followers who depend on your blessings? Here in New Gods of Mankind you can do that and much, much more! New Gods of Mankind is a roleplaying game where players take on the role of young deities who guide their tribes through the dangers of the world. It is an archaic age with the newer species of humanity struggling for survival beside six Elder Races and their ancient gods. The gods of the Elder races have a detailed history with the world and each other. Many wars have already been fought over people, land, and resources, and mankind and their new gods are infants by comparison. Player Characters in this game are Deities in the classical sense. Each player will have the opportunity to create a god or goddess with powers like the ancient Greek, Native American, Norse, or other pre Judeo-Christian Gods. Like the gods of old, these characters will have many followers, priests, and heroes living in temples, villages, and cities dedicated to the God. Each player will get to describe their tribe, land, priesthood, temples, heavenly abode, and even their Heaven and Hell.

Gods of this setting are able to do much more than pass judgment on the masses. As a God you are a powerful spirit, intangible in a natural state, able to affect the Known World with miracles obtained through the belief of your followers. Gods may travel from the Celestial Spheres of Heaven to the Known World instantaneously. For a small amount of belief, a god may transform into a mortal form and descend into the Known World to directly interact. A God may see their followers wherever they are and can respond to those who pray to them. Mortals using the name of a god or their symbol can instantly call attention to that particular deity.

Rules for this game are simple, yet open ended with plenty of leeway in terms of actions and abilities. Both resource management and dice pools mechanics are intertwined into a Belief system. Mortal conflicts from simple one-on-one combat to massive-scale armies are solved with a simple active opposing dice roll system. The number of followers you have each Season of the year equals the number of Belief you accumulate or lose for you god resource management system/miracle point pool. Simply put, the more followers and resources you have, the more belief points and miracles you get to use. The Known World Is Your Playground! You'll find everything you need in New Gods of Mankind to take on your new role as a deity, including: * Detailed instructions for creating the perfect god * A map of the Known World for expanding your adventure campaigns * Descriptions of the Elder Races and other known spirits that exist, such as demons, leviathans, and wood nymphs * An introductory campaign for you to run with your New Gods of Mankind designed to get your players off to a running start in the Known World and the Celestial Spheres * So much more! In New Gods of Mankind you can do amazing feats of wonder no mortal magician could hope to accomplish. Players can create miraculous new creatures unknown to the world before. Mountains can crumble in the blink of an eye. Fields of grain can turn into armored warriors ready to serve. Entire nations can be moved to love simply by speaking to them in a soothing voice. This is your chance to shine as an immortal and bask in the worship of your followers!

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