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NavTac: Mediterranean

NavTac: Mediterranean

Minden Games

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Three new titles comprise the NAVTAC series of tactical naval games set in World War I. Each of the games in the NavTac game system uses 1/3000 scale ship counters (which must be cut apart) representing various ship types (BB, BC, B, AC, CL, AMC), rated in a variety of categories (type, displacement, main guns & secondary guns (each rated for range, bow, broadside, and stern firing), speed, armor, damage accumulation), using five minute turns, and very playable game mechanics, for two or more players. Rules cover movement, ranging fire, regular fire, regular and critical hit damage, weather, crew quality, torpedoes, national navy characteristics, and contain ship data necessary for play, and other advanced options. All you need to play is a pair of six-sided dice, tape measure, paper and pencil, and a large table-top or floor space. NavTac games are thus well-suited to naval gaming newcomers, as well as veterans. Ship ratings and rules are interchangable between any of the NavTac titles; counter size is approx. 2.5�x .62�. At five minutes per turn, and secondary as well as main guns individually used, the NavTac system is the most detailed among the systems produced by Minden. Solitaire players: Please note that a solitaire system for playing is included in NavTac: Med, and usable with any game in the series. See below for details about what is included in each title, pictures of game components. example of play, and Extra 1/3000 Scale Ship Sets available for the system.

NavTac: Mediterranean focuses on the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black Sea theaters of early WWI. Includes: 24-page illustrated rule booklet containing standard and optional rules, ship data necessary for play, and several scenaios; three sheets of 1/3000 scale ship counters (71 fully rated ships, German, British, Austrian, French, Italian, Russian, and Turkish navies); two Reference Cards; and a Tactical display (for the solitaire option). The rules cover all the standard an doptional rules, plus a section providing full rules for solitaire play.

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