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Mythras: Mythic Britain - Waterlands

Mythras: Mythic Britain - Waterlands

The Design Mechanism

  • £7.99

An adventure pack for Mythic Britain...

The fenlands of eastern Britain, where Celtic and Saxon tribes clash, and where old enmities between Britons do not always mean a united front against a common enemy.

The spirits are quiet. The goddesses shackled. And a murder has been committed...

Waterlands: Adventures in the Great Mire takes you into the desolate fens - a place of deep mystery and darker secrets. The central adventure involves the characters in acting as emissaries for their Lord as a betrothal takes place, but soon becoming investigators as matters take an unexpected turn. The setting provides a mini campaign with extended adventure seeds, and full encounter tables for the mysterious and threatening denizens of the Great Mire.

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