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Mr Jack in New York

Mr Jack in New York


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Boardgame from Hurrican, players 2 ages 14+

London: 19 November 1888. As part of the investigation into the 'Jack the Ripper' affair, Francis J. Tumblety, a quack doctor, is arrested and freed on bail. He immediately flees to the United States.

New York-Manhattan Island: January 1889. Alerted by London, the New York police are on the lookout for Tumblety. Certain witnesses confirm his presence in Manhattan, and crimes are committed with a modus operandi similar to those in London. The police call upon some of the city's most eminent citizens to help them with their investigation.

Is Tumblety really Jack? If not, who is he pretending to be? These are the stakes in 'Mr. Jack in New York'.

As in Mr. Jack, one player takes the role of Mr. Jack, the other takes a role of a Detective. But there are new possibilities-gaslights and manholes are represented by pawns which can be moved. Surrounding water is very important for the escape of Mr. Jack. Characters have new powers and a police spy will be able to get valuable information.

This standalone variant of Mr. Jack is more strategic and complex than the original, so it is suitable for more advanced players.

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