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Mille Fiori

Mille Fiori


  • £39.99

For 2-4 players, ages 10+, playing time is around 60-90 minutes.

Designed by Reiner Knizia

In Mille Fiori, you take the role of glass manufacturers and traders who want to profit as much as they can from their role in the production of glass art.

The game board features different aspects of the glass production cycle: workshops where the glass is created, houses where it's installed, people who support your work, trade shops where it's sold, and the harbor where ships bring glass to faraway locations. You want to be present in all of these areas, preferably at just the right time to maximize your earnings. The game board features 110 spaces, with one card in the deck for each of those spaces.

At the start of a round, each player receives a hand of five cards; additionally, place as many cards as the number of players face up next to the game board (SEE FOOTNOTE FOR CORRECTION). Each player chooses a card from hand, then passes the remaining cards to the next player, then each player plays their card in turn, beginning with the round's start player and typically placing a diamond-shaped token of your color in the location depicted on that card:

When you can't deal a hand of five cards to each player or when someone has placed their final token, the game ends, then players add their bonus points to their current score to see who wins.

  • According to an official answer from the publisher, NO extra cards are placed face up next to the board in the beginning of each turn.
  • Also, according to the printed rules, bonus points are scored right when the token is placed on the bonus field.

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