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Midnight Legion Box Set

Midnight Legion Box Set

Studio 9

  • £23.99

For 1-2 Players, Aged 12+, Playing Time 15-60 Minutes

A 1 or 2 player gamebook series set in the distant future. The world has been transformed. Your mission: restore humanity.

Game System: The Midnight Legion is a highly advanced game book series in the style of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series, but with MUCH more (think more like an advanced version of SORCERY or LONE WOLF with deeper character generation). The gameplay system is for solo or 2-player use. There are combat, puzzles, diplomacy, stealth and role playing elements. Collect information, knowledge and goods from the worldaround you to advance your character.

Story: You are forced awake in an underground facility after hundreds of years of stasis. All you know is that you are an agent of an ancient, clandestine group, and you have a mission – but your memory is gone, and you don’t recall what that mission is.

Game Play: You must choose whether to complete your objectives using combat, stealth or sixth sense and diplomacy. You can solve the puzzles that unlock the base’s secrets using logic, or you can try to recover your lost memories for clues.

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