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Merchants of Araby

Merchants of Araby

Daily Magic Games

  • £39.99

For 2-5 Players, Ages 8+, Playing Time Around 60 Minutes

Become the wealthiest merchant prince or princess in all of Araby by establishing an entourage of merchants and allies, teaching virtues, summoning djinni, negotiating frequently, and making successful caravan investments.

Simply stated, everything in Merchants of Araby is negotiable for everything. Players may trade gold for camel placement, cards for products, actions for promised actions, camel placement for ally tasking, cards from entourage to entourage, cards from hand to hand, something for nothing. The list is nearly endless. If you can strike a deal with another player for any game resource or action, then feel free to do so.

Your entourage is refreshed at the beginning and the end of each of your turns so that you have the option of tasking them on other player turns.

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