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Martigan Belt - reduced price*

Martigan Belt - reduced price*

Fantasy Games Unlimited

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------ UNDER----ACK----ENS--AIL----THINK-WE------P--

This is the content of the static-garbled message received by the Janus Mining Company from one of their mining vessels in the Asteroid Belt. Your team of specialists has been assembled by all companies on Martigan III to determine what happened to the vessel and whether 'sabotage' was involved as the message seems to imply.
Included in this scenario are the full stats on the Martigan System with greatest detail on the planet Martigan III. The system map shows the location of the lost mining ship and of the IPA bases in the Asteroid Belt. Provisions exist for adventures on Martigan III, exploring other planets of the system, determining what went on with the lost ship, and mining the asteroids. Additional suggestions for other scenarios are included for use within the Martigan System.

User Summary:

Martigan Belt is a supplement for Space Opera. This 24 page adventure module centers around a team of adventurers and non-player characters investigating a distress message from a company mining ship in the Martigan system.

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