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Marked for Death (Powered by Fate) - reduced

Marked for Death (Powered by Fate) - reduced

Shades of Vengeance

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Marked for Death is a (moderately comedic) FATE module about assassins assassins working together to try and achieve their goals (read: kill their targets) without being noticed by the authorities. Featuring:

  • Fireballs and other magic!
  • High-value targets!
  • A total lack of choice in who you kill!
  • Oh so many total party kills!
  • And did I mention fireballs?”

Want to take down your target with magic? Long distance with a bow? Up close and personal? It's your choice!

It is based on the FATE Core system, but vastly changes the dynamic of the game. You will need to work with your allies to avoid being caught, and you succeed or fail as a team. Without your allies, you’ll soon be found and either killed or arrested!

Please bear in mind that this book is only a module - you will still need the Fate Core rulebook (or the SRD, available online) to play.

Marked for Death was made possible by Shades of Vengeance - check them out online here:

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