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Magic the Gathering: From the Vault: Lore

Magic the Gathering: From the Vault: Lore

Wizards of the Coast

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Wizards of the CoastMagic has always told stories. Each plane is a unique world, with its own history and culture, its own distinct ecosystems and recognizable landscape. Every card represents some piece of the set's story, even if it's simply a single, unnamed soldier charging into battle. Some cards, however, stand apart from the rest, depicting particularly iconic characters, events, places, and objects and translating them into gameplay.

From The Vault: Lore brings you a collection of fifteen memorable cards (and one token) from throughout Magic's history, showcasing some of the most exciting story moments to ever occur in the Multiverse. Now you can see all of those moments, and the gorgeous art depicting them, like never before, in special From The Vault�exclusive premium foil.

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