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Lord of the Ring LCG: Heirs of Numenor Nightmare Deck

Lord of the Ring LCG: Heirs of Numenor Nightmare Deck

Fantasy Flight Games

  • £14.99

Fantasy Flight GamesCard Game Expansion

The realm of Gondor presses hard against the Enemy�s western border. From the tallest walls of Minas Tirith, the Men of Gondor who cast their gaze eastward can very nearly see the Dark Lord gathering his strength in the land of Mordor. Gondor and its stalwart Men are the first defense against the Shadow. They are the shield wall that protects all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, yet as the Enemy�s armies swell with Orcs and Southrons, treason threatens the very heart of Gondor�

Now available via FFG�s in-house manufacturing, Heirs of N�menor Nightmare Decks is a single set of three twenty-card Nightmare Decks that allow you to revisit each of the three scenarios from the Heirs of N�menor deluxe expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, except in Nightmare Mode, the stakes are greater, the evils stronger, and the treachery runs even deeper.

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