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Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Magnamund Menagerie

Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Magnamund Menagerie

Cubicle 7

  • £23.99

The first volume of monsters and adversaries for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game. A gorgeous, full colour hard cover, packed with creatures from the multi-million selling Lone Wolf Gamebooks. Every monster has an illustration, game stats and fascinating details about them.

• Darkspawn: Creatures of Helgedad – Giaks, Doomwolves, Zlanbeasts and more.
• Humans and Humanoids: Bandits, Assassins, Pirates and more.
• Natural Creatures: Lions, Tigers and Bears!
• Natural Sentient Creatures: Ogrons, Giants and more
• Undead: Helgast, Vordak, Skeletons and more!
• Making the Most of Your Monsters – advice for the Narrator on how to design and run effective encounters in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game
• Appendix – Providing fascinating background details, detailing where monsters come from, and a timeline of their origins and more!

Adversaries for your LWAG games
128 pages, full colour, hard cover

Written by Joe Dever, Vincent Lazzari and Darren Pearce

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