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Little Fears Nightmare Edition: Among The Missing

Little Fears Nightmare Edition: Among The Missing


  • £13.99

You were a normal kid once with a normal life and a normal family. Then things changed. There was a moment when your life took a sudden turn and you stopped being a normal kid. You became a headline, a statistic, a picture on the grocery store window. A warning for other children. Maybe you were taken, stolen by a monster, or maybe you simply disappeared. Whatever happened, at that moment, you became one of the missing. Book 2: Among the Missing is a player-focused expansion to the Little Fears Nightmare Edition game. In it, we talk about what missing children mean in the world of Little Fears, how kids become missing, what happens to them next, how they can help in the fight against monsters, and how they can be saved. Includes new rules for Friendly GMCs, new monsters, information about the World In-Between, and a full-length episode titled 'The Long Way Home.'

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