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La Bataille De France 1940

La Bataille De France 1940

Compass Games

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For 2 players, playing time around 120 minutes.

In May, 1940, World War II took a turn that will change history forever - the German Army invaded France through the neutral countries of Belgium and Netherlands and thus avoiding the fearsome Maginot Line. The French Army, supposedly the best army of the time, felt far from any threat. Against all expectations, the neutral nations were quickly overrun, and the British Expeditionary Corps was forced to be evacuated, almost miraculously, from the channel port of Dunkirk. France capitulated in two months.

This game recreates those events and allows players to reproduce, at a tactical level, the most famous battles of the 'Blitzkrieg'. Based on the 'A las Barricadas' game system, with new rules added to simulate to this historical period, France 1940 promises many enjoyable hours of fierce game play involving infantry, tanks, artillery, and aircraft from all the armies that took part in this campaign.

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