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King's Ransom Deluxe - reduced price*

King's Ransom Deluxe - reduced price*

Victory Point Games

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Victory Point GamesFor 2 players, ages 8+, playing time around 30 minutes.

King�s Ransom is a 2-player strategy game pitting royal rivals against each other. Using the basic mechanics of chess, there�s an additional layer of strategy due to each card entering play hidden from the opposing player�s view. If you can set traps and lure your opponent into making mistakes, you might be able to snatch their King and ransom him for control of the kingdom!

Turn Order:

- Flip a face-down card so it is face up
- Move a face-up card
- Announce check, if applicable
- Place a new card face down
- Draw a card from your deck

Game Components:

- 50 cards
- 1 tri-fold rule book
- 1 card sleeve

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