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Keltia: Avalon + complementary PDF

Keltia: Avalon + complementary PDF

Cubicle 7

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Cubicle 7Avalon, the isle of wonders, is slipping gradually into the mists, taking away with it forever the magic of the Old Ones. Will the People of the Wind and the old gods intervene, or will they leave their children to the mercy of the wave of invaders sweeping the Isle of the Brave? Is the future High King really their chosen one?

The supplement journeys to two sacred centres of the Old Religion, the isles of Avalon and K'r Is. It also delves into the mysterious Other World, its people, the mythical People of the Wind, and their supernatural powers.

As well as plenty of new background information, Avalon provides loads of new spells. It also includes a series of potent relics, from the Cauldron of Bran ap Lyr to the Twin Spears of Diarmuid, that your own heroes might one day discover. And they're going to need them too, to face new monsters such as the fearsome Lycanthrope, Gwrgi Garwlywd, or the giant, savage-looking Buggane.

Avalon also features four new scenarios too. Three of these can be played as one-shots or included in a campaign, whilst the third scenario, 'The Sacred Sword', is the continuation of the Arthurian campaign that began in the Keltia Core Rulebook.

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