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Iron Kingdoms RPG - Hardcover

Iron Kingdoms RPG - Hardcover

Privateer Press

  • £37.99

Delve into the award-winning rich and evocative world of the Iron Kingdoms with the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. Discover exciting character careers, wondrous mechanikal devices, and exotic monsters while you adventure throughout the lands of western Immoren, where steam power and magic combine to create a fantasy experience like no other.

Enter the Iron Kingdoms

Embark upon a journey into a land where battle-hardened characters gird themselves in mail and metal and take up their weighty blades and draw forgelock pistols against their enemies, where steamjacks belch ash and steam as they tread battlefields and cobbled city streets alike, and where steam power is fused with arcane might. Play warcasters, gun mages, arcane mechaniks, mercenaries, and many other iconic adventurers of the Iron Kingdoms!

The Iron Kingdoms RPG features:

An all-new archetype- and career-based character system.
Expansive details on magic and the intricacies of mechanika.
Details on the various races: elves, dwarves, goblins, ogrun, trollkin, and more.
An in-depth examination of life in the Iron Kingdoms.

Embark upon a journey of adventure and intrigue in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel. Armed with mechanika and accompanied by mighty steamjacks, explore the soot-covered cities of the Iron Kingdoms and the fell ruins of ancient powers.

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