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Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards

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Inked Adventures Map & Dice Cards (poker size)

A Dungeon Master’s essential! 
Ideal for roleplayers of games which use d20s, d6s and d% (dice). Especially useful for players planning, or exploring, dungeons in any fantasy roleplaying game, such as D&D. A must for players of Savage Worlds and RPG systems which employ playing-card based mechanics. 

- Randomised dice results for d20, d6 and d100/%
- Hand drawn geomorph style dungeon areas
- Descriptive titles for easy reference
- Portable mapping and dice system, ideal for random play
- Ageing parchment theme
- 54 cards. 4 suits & 2 Jokers
- Can also be used as normal playing cards
- Durable soft plastic case

Poker sized cards in clear plastic box. 
Cards dimensions: 63mm x 88mm
Clear plastic box dimensions: 100mm x 75mm x 19mm

Hand-drawn map illustrations by Billiam Babble
Printed in the UK. 

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