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Infinity Third Offensive (Expansion Book)

Infinity Third Offensive (Expansion Book)

Corvus Belli

  • £39.00

This book covers the events that took place on the planet of Paradiso and makes clear that the alien threat is becoming very tangible and real. The Combined Army is not going to surrender, and Paradiso is only a bump on the road towards conquering the entire Human Sphere. In terms of where it lands within the Infinity narrative, it takes place directly after the events of Campaign Paradiso.

Paradiso lives up to its namesake: an astonishing paradise full of exquisite flora and fauna. In the past, this planet was inhabited by an alien race, though not much is known about the native sentient species. Their presence still lives on by the way of vast construction sites that can be found all over the planet, known as cosmolitos. It’s widely believed that these structures were the treasure that first caught the attention of the EI.

The high commanders of the various factions of the Human Sphere are trying to stop the EI from entering their systems by installing sophisticated blockades, but the Combined Army is managing to overcoming them with increasing frequency. In Third Offensive, you can read how they’re managing to smash through the different blockades and jeopardize the human hegemony on Paradiso.

In addition to this, two new sectorials will be added to the roster of new releases - the unyielding Invincible Army of Yu-Jing and the Varuna Intervention Division for PanOceania. These will join the new armies most recently added with Operation Coldfront (Tartary Army Corps for Ariadna, and Operations Subsection for ALEPH).

Some sectorials will also have adjusted rules and profiles, such as the Morat Aggression Force (Combined Army), Military Orders (PanOceania), and the Shock Army of Acontecimento (PanOceania).

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