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Imperial Stars II (boxed) - reduced price*

Imperial Stars II (boxed) - reduced price*

Victory Point Games

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Victory Point Games

For 2 Players, Ages 13+, Playing Time Around 60 Minutes

In the far, far future, two empires, remnants of the long lost Terran Homeworld, are brought into conflict over dwindling resources and the last few uncolonized planets in their sector. In the distant past, these two empires were allies against the Titans (see Astra Titanus) and Xeno incursions (see Forlorn: Hope), but with their frontiers colliding and diplomacy failing, it is time for admirals, captains, and crews to carry the fate of empires to the stars and find their destiny.

Veteran game designer Chris Taylor has done it again, putting a �Big 4X Game� experience into a small, cleverly-designed package of space exploration and conquest for two players. With multiple maps hosting the asymmetrical forces of the opposing empires, players will discover that there are many paths to dominating their corner of space!

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