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I Am Zombie: Play Kit - reduced price*

I Am Zombie: Play Kit - reduced price*

Make Believe Games

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32-page Axiom System book (Axiom Null), detailing character creation, dice rolling, mooks and bosses, and everything else you'll need to play the game (includes both tabletop and LARP rules).
A complete collectors set of eight (8) large (14mm) custom, high-impact "BRAINZ DICE."
Two decks (108 cards total) of full color, double-sided ('Warm' vs.'Cold') ID CARDS to create your characters. "Just Pick Five CardsTM."
A super-deluxe, hardback, embossed CHARACTER JOURNAL, which includes two card pockets, character stat pages, chronicle charts, and a complete lexicon!
48 poker chip-sized BUMP CHIPS to add a whole new dimension to roleplaying. Not just used as Chaw and Brainz tokens, they also let players add twists to a story!

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