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Heroes & Treasure - reduced

Heroes & Treasure - reduced

Davis & Daughters Games

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Heroes & Treasure™ is a family-friendly RPG board game for kids as young as 4 and their parents. If you've ever wished you could interest your kids in fantasy role-playing, this is the game for you.

One person, a parent, acts as the Quest Master, who controls the action, and the others take on the roles of characters in the world.

You choose the characters you play and move your pieces through the tiles that form the game map. On the way you’ll encounter monsters, locked doors, special items, magic weapons, and much more. You’ll wince as your party’s fighter takes a powerful hit from an animated skeleton, and you’ll cheer as your wizard freezes a goblin in its tracks.

As you meet your goals on map after map of the campaign, your characters will gain new abilities, magic items, and more. But as you grow stronger, the challenges you face become ever more dangerous. Can your group survive long enough to save the kingdom?

The game includes 12 large map tiles for creating dungeons, 4 different character classes (with male and female versions of each), lots of monsters, potions, doors, keys, spells, and other items, health tokens, colored dice that simplify combat such that even kids with no reading or math skills can play, and more.

It also includes the 10-mission campaign The Adventure of the Mystic Rubies™, which introduces different RPG concepts (combat, spells, potions, healing, keys, traps, etc.) one at a time, so there's always something new to learn, but never too much at once.

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