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Harn: Tomes and Scrolls

Harn: Tomes and Scrolls

Columbia Games

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20 Pages describing 16 written works including: * THE GENIN CONCORDANCE * THE BALEFIRE CHRONICLE * LIBRAM OF THE PANTHEON * BOGNOR'S GRIMOIRE * DEATH OF A PROPHET * HARKOR'S EDDA This article describes influential and interesting books and other written works that may be found in a H'rnic campaign. Different versions of a written work arise when they are translated into a new language/script, or are heavily edited to ensure greater appeal to a specific group. Some versions may omit original material; some add new material. Original and later versions of a book are detailed with the following data. Author Year Medium (Pages/Cover material) Pages (or equivalents). Language/Script Street Value: Reflects perceived value more than its content or scarcity. Copies: The estimated number of copies that exist Location: The location of rare or unique books is sometimes given.

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