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Harn: Silver Way

Harn: Silver Way

Columbia Games

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8 pages The Silver Way sets a new standard for trade route articles. The history and economic importance of the Silver Way are covered with detailed sections about each day's march and nightly campsite. The Silver Way is the only road into the ancient and wealthy Kingdom of Azadmere. It is one of four major trade routes that converge on Tashal, and one of the most important trade routes on H'rn. It is also one of the most dangerous. Altitude and other mountain perils make the Silver Way uniquely treacherous. Heavy snowfall makes the trail impassable from mid-autumn to late-spring, but the trail is a challenge even in summer. Sudden torrential rains can cause flash flooding. The ancient Khuzan construction is not completely impervious to the ravages of weather and age; every year reconstruction is required for some sections. For most of its length the trail is wide enough for two laden mules to walk side by side, but it is steep and twisting for long stretches, and a slip for one mule can easily cause the loss of two or more. As if physical dangers were not enough, the route traverses brigand and gargun territory. The lower reaches of the Silver Way are haunted by bands of brigands who prey on small groups before they can join the great caravans that depart from Naniom Bridge. Close to Zerhun, the former Khuzan mines of Fana are now home to an aggressive and dangerous colony of Gargu-Viasal. The Foulspawn attack caravans that appear weak or disorganized. Experienced travellers never travel the Silver Way alone.

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