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Harn: Potions

Harn: Potions

Columbia Games

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Potions are found all over Lythia, in markets and fairs, on the shelves of apothecaries and physicians, in castles and in hovels. Some potions are well-known, but perhaps only in one region. Others are rare because they are difficult to prepare, have a short shelf life, or include rare or illegal ingredients. Magical effects are claimed for some potions, but most are intended as common remedies. Where guilds thrive, potions are a monopoly of Apothecaries, but there has always been a broad overlap between home remedies, herbal teas, and legitimate potions. Despite serious legal sanctions, unguilded sellers of potions are common, especially at fairs. Most potions are created according to guild-approved formulas, and packaged and sold in accordance with strict rules regarding composition, quality, claims of efficacy, and packaging. Breaking these laws can bring severe penalties, including public humiliation, heavy fines, and loss of guild franchise. Forging the guild seal is a serious breach of guild privilege. Most potions require herbs as ingregients.

32 Potions

Nectar of Wisdom Euphoric hallucinogenic

Maermal's Blessing Enhances strength

Worried Worreen Strong poison

Ichor of Agrik Disinfectant / painkiller

Hru's Might Strength / Stamina potion

Halea's Brandy Aphrodisiac

Potion of Right Navehan Hallucinogen

Fletharasha Recreational Drug

White Death Strong Poison

Corruption Jelly Khuzan Strength Potion

Uhla Oil Brain Stimulant

Heir-in-a-bottle Fertility Drug

Two More Legs Horse Stimulant

Tirrala's Pillow Antibiotic

Eye-of-Dwarf Eye Stimulant

Tharin's Rock Salt Seasoning

Heavy Curtains Soporific

Salt of Kamil Narcotic

Uhla Ink Invisible Ink

Watcher's Ale Stimulant

Dryad Sweat Aphrodisiac

Elmithra Medicine

Baby-can-wait Contraceptive

Ilvir's Crook Hallucinogen

Daddy can't wait Emetic / Laxative

Spirit Ale Disembodiment Potion

Eye-of-Elf Eye Balm

Halea's Tresses Narcotic

Goodheart Heart Stimulant

Heal-All Antidote

Green Demon Brain Stimulant

Khalmet's Theriac Antivenin

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